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Simplifying the process of validiting Pentest results with realtime reporting, High quality results , Several Intgerations

Our Features

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Issues are being validted and reviewed 3 times by different members to minmize False Postive issues


Send out notifications to your team to keep them engaged.

Markdown Support

markdown is used to beautify formatting of reports in reports and comments


Reports can be directly exported to Jira, Github , Gitlab , Slack , More to Come


Add team members as you wish on the App. They will get a notification about the invitation at the same time.

Pdf Support

You can alawys get The Pentest Report with Old way through the pdf and sheet

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

We Begin with building The scope of the assessment , Team begin to discover the bugs , validted , reviewed and you got the issue to your inbox .

Do you offer Intgerations with other tickting systems?

Yes, we do! Now we provide Intgerations with Github, Jira, Gitlab , Slack . More to come

Can i add team members?

You can easily add team members as much as you want to validte the results in realtime .

Can I get Pdf report?

yes you can get PDF report the covers all issues discovered during the Pentest with sheet contain their status.